Syndicated Ownership

Foreign or locally-based individuals and companies who for logistical resons cannot utilise their lodge throughout the year, or don't wish to lay out the full price of a lodge, can be accomodated by means of syndicated ownership. The parties to the syndicate share in the utilisation of their lodge by agreement between themselves.

Tamboti Management offers well-run syndicate opportunities. For individual and corporate sole proprietors, it offers the facility of managing their lodge on a daily basis. This affords shareholders the convience of coming to a problem-free house - with everything spotlessly clean and in perfect working order.

Our management services extend to details like keeping your game-drive vehicle filled up, clean, serviced and ready-to-go, servicing the swimming pool, stocking up on firewood, mowing the law - and of course opening and closing the lodge regularly to air it as you do in your own home. Owners thereby have full enjoyment of their valuable recreation time - without any maintenance hassels.